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                                                                         SUPPLIES                                  Catalogue

                                                                                    Lead Clip-On Weights

                                                                                    Lead Adhesive Weights

                                                                                    Zinc Clip-On Weights

                                                                                    Steel Clip On Weights

                                                                                    Lead Free Adhesive Weights

                                                                                    Tools and Accessories

                                                                                    Balancing Compounds and

                                                                         Prema Canada is one of the largest distributors of tire and
                                                                         wheel service supplies, and is a market leader in delivering
                                                                         a total  supply  solution  to the tire industry  in  Canada.
                                                                         Founded in 1954 as Loomis Root  Canada Ltd,  the
                                                                         company has evolved from a small, regional automotive
                                                                         and retread supply distributor into a focused network of
                                                                         independent  tire and wheel  service supply  Distributors
                                                                         servicing the entire country from coast to coast.


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