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                                              TIRE REPAIR EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES AND IS IN
                                              YOUR AREA?

                                              An extensive line of brand name products, all competitively priced.

            Tire Repair Materials & Chemicals  Tire Repair Tools          Valves                    TPMS
            Radial Repairs                  Brushes                       Passenger                 EZ-Sensor
            Bias Repairs                    Adapters                      Truck                     Redi-Sensor
            Agriculture Repairs             Reamers                       OTR                       OE Replacement
            OTR Repairs                     Probe Tools                   Air Liquid                Sensors
            Tube Stems                      Scrapers                      Super Large Bore          Replacement Valves
            Universal Repairs               Carbide Cutters               Straight or Bent Caps & Cores  Scan Tools (w/OBD)
            Combi Patch/Plugs               Insert Tools                  Brass or Nickel Alcoa Valves  Service Kits
            Pre-Buff Cleaners               Buffing Stones                Enki Valves               Torque Wrenches
            Vulcanizing Cements             Tire Spreaders                4-Way Tools               T-10 & T-20 Screw
            Over-Buff Sealers                                             Fishing Tools             Drivers
            Bead Sealers                    Wheel Weights & Balancing Beads  Double Seal Caps       Core Tools
                                            Passenger Weights             Installation Tools
            Lifting Tools                   Truck Weights                 Grommets                  Retread
            Bottle Jacks                    3M Balancing System           O-Rings                   Envelopes
            Hydraulic Rams                  Coloured Weights                                        Rasps
            Lift Pads                       Zinc Weights                  Wheel Service Tools &     Grinding Stones
            Floor Jacks                     Steel Weights                 Equipment                 Carbide Cutters
            Jack Stands                     Magnum Balancing Beads        Bead Breakers             Hub Lube
            Forklift Jacks                  Counteract Balancing Beads    Torque Wrenches           Mold Release
            Garage Jacks                                                  Bead Blasters and Bazookas  Rope Rubber
            Bladder Jacks                   Wheel Balancing Tools         Hydraulic Pumps           Sprayers
                                            Adhesive Wheel Weight Remover  Fasteners (Nuts, Studs &   Blades
            Service Chemicals               Wheel Weight Hammers          Clamps)                   Cement
            Mounting Compound               Haweka Flange Plates          Tire Irons & Bead Hammers  Cushion Rubber
            Murphy’s Liquid Lubricants      Duo Collets                   Calcium Pumps             Poly Film
            Brake Cleaner                   Haweka Quick Plates           Wheel Guards              Wicking Pads
            Penetrants                      Haweka Quick Nuts             Mount/Demount Tools       Staples
            Euro Paste                      Replacement Shafts            Hydraulic Rams
            SKID                            Cones                                                   Section Repair
            Silicone Sprays                                               Gauges & Air Controls     Vulcanizers
            Tire Sealant                    Air Tools & Accessories       Pencil Gauges             Cushion Rubber
            Tire Paint                      IR Impact Wrenches            Master Gauges             Cup Cutters
            Tire Shine                      IR Replacement Parts          Truck Gauges              Carbide Cutters
            Winter Lubricants               CP Impact Wrenches            Inflation Gauges          Tire Stands
                                            CP Replacement Parts          Calibratable Gauges       HD Skivers
            Shop Supplies & Equipment       Tool Covers                   Digital Gauges            Hand Tools
            Hand Cleaner                    Sockets                       AI Liquid                 Flex Shaft Buffers
            Tire Bags                       Ratchets                      Chucks                    Rope Rubber
            Dunk Tanks                      3M Abrasives                  Nipples                   Rasps
            Work Gloves                     Grinders                      Couplers                  Grinding Stones
            Nitrile Gloves                  Buffers                       Bushings
            Seat Gloves                     Needle Scalers                Crimpers                  Miscellaneous
            Seat Covers                                                   Hoses                     Tire Studs
            Tire Carts                                                    Ferrules                  Stud Guns
            Floor Mats                                                    Manifolds                 Jaw Covers
                                                                          Whip Hoses                Duckheads
                                                                                                    Plastic Inserts
                                                                                                    Brake Lathe Bits
                      Your Authorized Distributor                                                   O-Rings
                                                                                                    Arctic O-Rings

                                                                        Prema Canada
                                                                        3230 Mainway - Unit 3, Burlington, ON L7M 1A5
                                                                        Toll Free: 1.800.268.6311
                                                                        Phone: 905.628.2303
                                                                        Fax: 905.628.3646

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