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1510  — Scan Tools & Accessories

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            Prema U-Pro offers a high quality and innovative TPMS product range, manufactured in an OE environment with the strictest and most
            exacting level of inspection and testing. TPMS sensors are manufactured and tested on a fully automated production line. The TPMS range
            includes the universal U-Pro Hybrid sensor, tools, valves, service parts and Prema U-Pro’s diagnostic tools, manufactured by market leader,
            Ateq. The Prema U-Pro TPMS website  ( helps tire shops to correctly specify required parts and view the essential
            TPMS relearn procedures.

            PREM-TPMSB1                                       PREM-TPMSB2

            TPMS Starter Bundle With 50 U-Pro Prema Branded Sensors,   TPMS Starter Bundle With 24 U-Pro Prema Branded Sensors, ATEQ
            ATEQ H46 TPMS Scan Tool, and 5 Years of Free Updates   H46 TPMS Scan Tool, and 5 Years of Free Updates • Does Not
            • Includes 42 Prem-315R and 8 Prem-433R Snap-In U-Pro   Include OBDII Cable • Includes 20 Prem-315R and 4 Prem-433R
            Sensors                                           Snap-In u-Pro Sensors

            PREM-TPMSB20                                      PREM-TPMSB40

            TPMS Starter Bundle With 20 U-Pro Prema Branded Sensors   TPMS Starter Bundle With 40 U-Pro Prema Branded Sensors,
            and ATEQ H46 TPMS Scan Tool (OBDII Cable Not Included) •   ATEQ H46 TPMS Scan Tool, and OBDII Cable • Free Lifetime
            Free Lifetime Updates                             Updates

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