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1510  — Scan Tools & Accessories

            1510-40 — ACCESSORIES

                                       TPMS ACCESSORIES
            Code            Description                                   Manufacturer
            AT-OBD3-0000    Smartset Tool                                 ATEQ
            WRT400PWS       WRT400 Power Supply                           Bartec
                            WRT500 CUB Programmer Version 2 Adaptor • CUB Programming
            WRT500CPF002    Adaptor for the WRT500s With Serial Numbers 351001 and Higher   Bartec
                            • Will Also Work on the Newer WRT300PROC and WRT400PRO
                            TPMS Scan Tools
            WRTPLACARD100   Replacement Vehicle Placard • 100 Per Roll    Bartec
            WRTPLACARD25    Replacement Vehicle Placard • 25 Per Roll     Bartec

            WRTPROQIPAD     Inductive Charging Pad With Power Supply • For Use With the   Bartec
                            Bartec WRT400PRO and WRT500 TPMS Scan Tools
                            WRT500PRO Series Wall Mount Cradle and Charger • Works on
            WRTPROWMC       the WRT500 and Both the WRT300PRO and WRT400PRO Series   Bartec             WRTPROWMP
                            Units • Great Accesory for Keeping Bartec TPMS Scan Tools
                            WRT500PRO Series Blutooth Printer • Works With the WRT500
                            and Both the WRT300PRO and WRT400PRO Series Units • Great
            WRTPROWMP                                                     Bartec
                            Accesory for the Bartec TPMS Scan Tools Providing Printouts for
                            Customers and Technicians
                            Loop Reset Tool for Toyota • Plugs Into OBDII Connection and
            WRTRST50                                                      Bartec
                            Hold Button • Accurate and Fast • No Jump Pin Required

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                                    TPMS KITS & PROMOS

            Code          Description
                          EZ-Sensor Bundle Includes: 24 EZ-Sensors (33500) and a Bartec
                          WRT300PROC TPMS Tool (Not a Regular WRT300PROC — Locked to
                          EZ-Sensor Only • Features: Wireless Bluetooth Data Transfer, OBDII Cable and 2
                          Years of Free Software Updates                                            21286
                          12 Ez-Sensor Bundle With a Bartec 400PRO TPMS Tool • Tool Relearns OE and
            21289         Aftermarket Sensors • Features Include Wireless Bluetooth Data Transfer • OBDII
                          Cable Included • 2 Years of Free Software Updates

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