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Presidents Message                         Presidents Message

                   A messAge FROm THe PResIDeNT

                   Thank you for your interest in Prema Canada’s vast array of tire and wheel service supplies and equipment.
                   I sincerely hope that you capitalize on the opportunity to do business with the Authorized Prema
                   Distributor who services your area. Each Prema Canada Distributor is committed to our organizational
                   goal of delivering quality product, backed by industry standard training and expertise, while offering
                   exceptional customer service and delivery. Rest assured that you can rely on your Prema Canada
                   Distributor to look after all of your tire supply needs so that you can focus your time on revenue and
                   profit generating activities.

                   From tire repair materials, TPMS supplies, balancing weights, lubricants and valve hardware to impact
                   wrenches, studding supplies, jacks, bead breakers and other shop equipment, you can find everything
                   you need at Prema for your tire and wheel service supply needs. Your Distributor can work with you to
                   establish inventory levels that suit your business needs and then manage replenishing those levels on
                   every visit. Our goal is to provide you with what you need, when you need it, and not to overload your
                   shelves with inventory. Your Distributor will visit regularly so that your inventory can be replenished from
                   their fully stocked van at the time of their visit. You will immediately know what you have received and
                   which products, if any, need to be special - ordered for you.
                   Behind your Prema Distributor is a dedicated team at Prema Canada’s new head office and central
                   warehouse in Burlington, Ontario, providing training, product support and inventory expediting services.
                   Together with a network of key vendor partners as well as sister companies across the globe, we bring
                   products, technologies and solutions from all corners of the world right to your place of business.
                   I am proud to share with you that 2014 is our 60th year in business. Thank you to our long - term customers,
                   our newest customers and our future customers for your business and for your support. We look forward
                   to servicing your needs for many more years to come.
                   Please feel free to visit our website at to learn more about us. You can browse our
                   product catalogue, find your local Distributor’s contact information and learn about the latest news and
                   events in our industry.

                   David Lottridge, President, Prema Canada

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